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What is Wheel Pose (Urdva Dhanurasana)?

Wheel Pose is a challenging, heart-opening yoga posture that stretches and strengthens the entire body. The Sanskrit name “Urdva Dhanurasana” translates to Upward Bow Pose, but you may also know it as bridge or crab.

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Wheel pose is a deep backbend, so it is important to warm up the body completely before attempting it. I would recommend practicing this posture towards the end of your practice when all your muscles are open and you can backbend safely.

Start your practice with some heat-building standing postures or a full-body sequence to warm up, then work into a few mild backbends such as Bridge Pose and Puppy Dog Pose to prepare your spine.

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Arrived in exactly 10 days to the UK and Xs fits perfectly on a size 6/8

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Workout Legging For Women Gym Clothing's

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It has arrived in less than 10 days super fast very happy look great and the perfect size for a 36 size s great I recommend it not transparent anything

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The seller sent immediately, arrived in Peter for 14 days, served. The quality is good, the color is not green, but Emerald. I do not know how they will fight cellulite, but they wear nice and sit well. On the hips 128 sat well